EnterpriseDB Webinar: 5 Tips to Simplify the Management of Your Postgres Database

Date: Thursday, September 10
Speaker: Alan Santos, Product Manager, EnterpriseDB 
Time: 8:00 – 8:30 am Eastern Standard US Time

Attend this webinar to gain insight, best practices and tips to manage, monitor and optimize your Postgres database on premise and in the cloud. Alan will give a short technical demonstration and review capacity planning, monitoring and acting on key performance indicators, database and application performance evaluation and other management activities.

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Learn Postgres Admin from Community Leader Bruce Momjian Live On-Line

Bruce Momjian teaches the popular course Comprehensive PostgreSQL Administration again in September, covering foundational and advanced topics needed for success. Join Bruce and learn from his tips in this live on-line session.

About The Course

Designed for database professionals who are responsible for administration and maintenance of PostgreSQL, who want to increase proficiency and learn best practices with 9.4. This special 1-week course teaches both foundational and advanced Postgres database administration topics.

This immersive class offers hands-on experience with Postgres use cases based on years of field experience. It combines the core topics from Foundations of Postgres Administration and Advanced PostgreSQL Administration for version 9.4 into a one-week class, with significant savings over list price.

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LISAsoft PostgreSQL Administration Training, Melbourne, Monday 26th – Wednesday 28th October, 2015

LISAsoft is pleased to announce that we’ve scheduled our next PostgreSQL Administration training session to be held in Melbourne, Monday 26th through Wednesday 28th, October, 2015.

The training covers all essential details of PostgreSQL Administration including PostgreSQL architecture, configuration, maintenance, monitoring, backup, recovery and data movement.

Course Synopsis:

Course Name: PostgreSQL Administration
Course Location: Melbourne, VIC
Course Duration: 3 Days
Course Date: Monday 26th – Wednesday 28th October, 2015

For a full description of the PostgreSQL Administration Program click through here: PostgreSQL Administration

To view the complete LISAsoft Training Schedule through to November 2015 click through here: LISAsoft Training Schedule

All your LISAsoft Training FAQ’s should be answered if you click through here: LISAsoft Training FAQ’s

We hope you can make it along to the course.

Call Cameron Shorter at LISAsoft on 02 9009 5000 to reserve a seat or if there is anything further about the training you’d like to discuss.

International Cartographic Association and OSGeo renew their Memorandum of Understanding

Story Source and Credit:  Georg Gartner, President of the International Cartographic Association

Based on the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between ICA and OSGeo signed in 2011, a real success story developed. The MoU acted as an umbrella for several activities coordinated by the ICA Commission on Open Source Geospatial Technologies under the chairmanship of Suchith Anand.

The so-called ICA-OSGeo Labs are focussing on the use of open source software for geoinformation management and cartography. In the meantime, more than 100 institutions have joined the initiative and it is still growing. Based on the unexpected high interest, Suchith Anand took this idea a step further and founded Geo4All, which goes beyond open software and also includes the aim of having open access to education material, data and applications.

During the most successful FOSS4G Europe conference at Como, Italy, president of OSGeo Jeff McKenna and ICA President Georg Gartner renewed and edited the MoU, which can be found on wiki.osgeo.org.

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EnterpriseDB Webinar: Best Practices for Becoming an Exceptional Postgres DBA

Presenters: Marc Linster, SVP, Products & Services EnterpriseDB

Date: Wednesday, August 19th

Duration: 1 hour

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Register and attend this presentation to learn about real-life best practices from the field, drawing from EDB’s team who support hundreds of Postgres instances and production database systems for customers worldwide. Marc Linster will share meaningful monitoring and maintenance practices, with tuning and planning advice that can help prevent, resolve, or eliminate common issues, increasing system performance and moreover your effectiveness as a DBA.

* EST = Eastern Standard USA time

Postgres – Best Database Overall – Database Trends and Applications Readers Choice Awards 2015

Story Source and Credit:  Database Trends and Applications

An array of database technologies, including NoSQL, NewSQL, in-memory databases, and cloud database—or database as a service approaches, are increasingly being adopted to address the new requirements created by the explosive growth in data volume and variety. Social media, the Internet of Things, the need for mobile access, and real-time insights are just some of the new factors wielding pressure on organizations.

The study released in March 2015, reveals that structured data still makes up 75% of data under management for more than two-thirds of organizations, with nearly one-third of organizations not yet actively managing unstructured data at all.

Still, these are early days for many of these new database technologies, and existing relational database technologies are still the heavyweights when it comes to managing enterprise data.

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EnterpriseDB Webinar: Using Foreign Data Wrappers with Postgres – Wednesday August 12th 2015

Presenters: Sameer Kumar, Database Consultant, Ashnik

Date: Wednesday, August 12 at 3 pm Singapore Time

Duration: 1 hour

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A powerful feature in Postgres called Foreign Data Wrapperslets end users integrate data from MongoDB, Hadoop and other solutions with their Postgres database and leverage it as single, seamless database using SQL.

Use of these features has skyrocketed since EDB released to the open source community new FDWs for MongoDB, Hadoop and MySQL that support both read and write capabilities. Now greatly enhanced, FDWs enable integrating data across disparate deployments to support new workloads, expanded development goals and harvesting greater value from data.

Learn more about Foreign Data Wrappers (FDWs) and Postgres with Sameer Kumar, Database Consultant from Ashnik.

Target Audience: This presentation is intended for IT Professionals seeking to do more with Postgres in his every day projects and build new applications.